How I stay on Track as a Mother of Four

How I stay on track as a mother of 4

Being a mother is hard enough. Trying to run a blog, a handmade business, work part-time and take care of for little ones? Now that can be rough. Some days you think that you got this, you’re finally ahead getting everything done. The next thing you know you’re 4 days behind on everything you’ve intended to do. I HAVE BEEN THERE!  That’s why I’m sharing with you how I stay on track! Some days it’s not easy but defiantly worth it!


The first thing I feel is the most important to stay on track is to simplify your life.

I personally find that starting my busy days are a lot easier if I get ready tonight before. On school days, I try to have the children’s outfits out ready for the next day, including shoes. I can’t tell you how many times I have the kids almost ready to go, but then can’t find their sneakers. Searching all through the house just to find them in the most awkward place.

Having their outfits ready the night before saves me all this trouble making my day go so much easier just from the start. 

Another thing I find that helps simplify is keeping certain things in the car. I used to realize myself thinking since I’m just going to make a quick trip I won’t be to bring anything. Then it happens, I go to get my two-year-old out of her car seat to run into Walmart real quick and I get that whiff. You know which one.

So then I’m hurrying to buy some diapers and wipes to quickly change her in the restroom.

Now, when I buy wipes I get a 3-pack and leave one in the car and I keep a cheap small pack of diapers and they’re also. The other things I keep in a car is;

  • Blankets
  • Jackets
  • Water bottles
  • Some quick non-messy snacks

You can keep in your car whatever makes your life simpler, the goal is to keep you from running around like a crazy lady wondering where everything is.

.Planners… Planners… Planners…

If you were to know anything about me, it is that I absolutely love keeping planners. My days can be very busy so I tend to forget things… A lot…

I use a bullet journal to keep track of everything. My personal life, my business, and my blog. I can say it has made my life a hundred times easier. There, I have my calendars, my to-do list, even doctors’ appointments. Calls to make and my children’s clothes sizes (as I said, I forget everything) 

I try to plan a month ahead to stay on top of things and keep everything in one place.

I will most likely be making a post about my bullet journal at a later date but for now, let’s move on.

Meal Planning

No, I don’t usually meal prep, though I know many people that do and it seems to make their life easier, but me personally, I menu plan what we will have each day of the week. If I know what we’re having ahead of time, I know exactly what I need from the store, how much time I need to cook it so, therefore, knowing exactly when to start dinner. This makes my life so much easier since I’m not searching for something to cook at 4:30 in the evening to find out that I haven’t taken anything out of the freezer.

I also keep my meal plans and shopping list in my bullet journal.


Okay, okay, so I’ll admit it I sometimes lose track of time when I’m working on a project, then I find myself with no time to work on the rest of my to-do list. Setting alarms is one of my most effective ways of staying on track.

I have one set to wake me up, to let me know when we have 15 minutes to get out the door in the morning, and one set for when it’s time to leave. I also have one set 10 minutes before I have to pick up the kids from the bus. There are more, but I plan them based on my agendas for the day.


This is another page in my Bullet Journal that I find is essential to staying on track. Maintaining a budget helps keep you on top of your financials. If you don’t have an idea of how much money you actually have for spendings, you tend going over causing chaos to your life.

Your budget could be a simple outline of your upcoming bills, events from the school you pay for and your life essentials, or you can plan all out, keeping track of everything in and out. I, however, like to keep it simple.

Making playtime

This last one you might not see how it keeps you on track, but I find that if I make time to play with my kids, they often don’t go chasing attention by getting into things and being naughty. They always seem more relaxed afterward and ready to sit down to watch a movie or take a nap, making it so much easier for me to get done what I need to do.
Children need our affection and don’t understand all of the things that parents have to do during the day. They just know that they want our attention. So give it to them, and by doing so make your day easier to deal with. 

So there you have it the things I do to help stay on track as a mother of four. I try to simplify my life by being prepared, I use a planner, I plan my meals out for the week, I set an alarm to stay on top of my to-do list, I keep a budget, and make time to play with my children.

I hope this helps you with your crazy days. 

Check this post out for some self-care tips.

Sending good vibes till next time

-Daydreaming travelers

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