Unlocked Dreams


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This Boho choker necklace is made of copper and brass metals. It also includes Jasper and Aventurine. Accented with a beautiful vintage key-shaped charm and a blue drop pendant

Jewelry Care

-Apply cosmetics/hair products/lotions/perfumes/powders before putting on your jewelry.

-Prevent your jewelry from being exposed to moisture

– Remove before showering, swimming, sunbathing, and exercising.

-Some gemstones/crystals react badly to moisture. Please research this before getting your jewelry wet!

-Remove your jewelry at bedtime to prevent damages or breakages.

-Metals may tarnish over time. This is normal due to oxygen and natural body oils. You can use a polishing cloth to help preserve your jewelry.

-Please store your jewelry in a sealed bag or box with an anti-tarnish strip (or chalk).

-Enjoy your jewelry handle with care and vibrate at your highest frequency.

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