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Neptunian is a sea-inspired wrap bracelet made with beautiful Czech beads, Aventurine, wood beads, and a turtle-shaped charm. With wonderful shades of green, blue, and brown this gorgeous nature-colored bracelet looks fantastic rather you’re going out into town or just out exploring the world.

This sea-inspired wrap bracelet measures about 7.5 inches and wraps three times.

Information on the crystals used.

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Green Aventurine – known as the “Stone of Opportunity.” Used to clear and activate the heart charka, this beautiful stone excellent for comfort and healing the heart. It also helps calms nervousness, anger, and irritation and helps eliminate everyday stress from a hectic lifestyle.


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Caring for your jewelry

-Apply cosmetics/hair products/lotions/perfumes/powders before putting on your jewelry.

-Prevent your jewelry from being exposed to moisture

– Remove before showering, swimming, sunbathing, and exercising.

-Some gemstones/crystals react badly to moisture. Please research this before getting your jewelry wet!

– Try not to drop, bang, or crush your jewelry. Some gemstones are fragile and will break.

-Remove your jewelry at bedtime to prevent damages or breakages.

-Metals may tarnish over time. This is normal due to oxygen and natural body oils. You can use a polishing cloth to help preserve your jewelry.

-Please store your jewelry in a sealed bag or box with an anti-tarnish strip (or chalk).

-Enjoy your jewelry handle with care and vibrate at your highest frequency.

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