Welcome to Daydreaming Travelers.

I created this website to bring people positive vibes, great energy, while so making a simple and easy way to shop for new gemstone and other nature-inspired jewelry.

On the blog side of Daydreaming Travelers, we talk about lifestyle, some parenting, and a lot about finding positive energy throughout your day. I strive to make this a calming relaxing atmosphere sending out great vibes wither you are reading my post or shopping! I am always looking for new ideas, so if you have a tip for me you can use the CONTACT ME page freely and send us a message!

About The Daydreaming Travelers’ Shop

In the Daydreaming Travelers’ Gems Shop we offer you unique jewelry, featuring mainly boho-inspired styles. All jewelry is handmade by me, mostly using semi-precious stones and colors mainly based around nature. We strive to avoid nickel-based metals at all costs. Our main metal for production is copper, but we do offer other metals on request. Our business enjoys practicing no waste and reusing materials. Hoping to bring free spirit women a touch of love, nature, and good vibes with them no matter where they travel!


  • You can find instruction on placing a custom order under our blog tab! 

A Little About Myself

The Author and her children

My name is Clarissa. I’m a wild child, free spirit, hard-working mother of four wonderful children, ages range from 2-8yrs old. One of the best things to get through a busy day like we have is having a positive outlook on things and working together.

I recently started this business to help give me and my children a great start at the life we’ve been working so hard towards. I try to encourage my children that families struggle but when we put our heads together we can get through anything!

In 2016 we went through some very big life changes as a family and I realized things couldn’t continue the way they were going. In the past few years, I worked on cutting off a lot of negative things thus allowing room for things that not only improved my life but my self-image and self-worth. I can’t stress enough how relieved, and happier my family and I became. One of my main goals is to assist others to find things that help promote a happier, healthier lifestyle. While also helping people drop the dead weight off them that’s keeping them in the situations that seem to keep repeating themselves.

In my free time, I love taking my children camping, fishing, and hiking. I also really enjoy traveling, stargazing, crystal collecting, gardening, and learning new things. I’m also a huge mythology fan!


Till next time with much love,

-Daydreaming Travelers